Adform Expo booths, August 19th

Business Support

Adform DNA Laboratory

Visit our Pop Up Lab to find out more about 3 main ingredients of Adform DNA. Be ready for DNA challenge and special treats to boost your Adform DNA chemistry levels!


Do you feel that everything in your daily life becomes boring? Do you believe that no one is bringing you happiness? You are not feeling sure whether all the bidding that has been done is billed? Congratulations, Billing can help you with all the concerns mentioned above! A promise is made, Billing Alias will definitely cheer you up and make the boredom to fade away. You will have a Billing Quiz to fill in that will give you a lot of answers which you’re looking for and, finally, you’ll have an opportunity to get to know us better!

Buyer Solutions

Come and get to know what Buyer Cloud is all about.

Business Intelligence POD

Want to know more about yourself and how you compare to other Adformers? Come over and grab your own, personal infographic!

Get Certified Core Team

What Get Certified program is all about what value it brings for Adform? What modules it contains today and how it will evolve in the future?


Find out WHO we are, WHERE we are and WHY we are in Adform. Legal team is ready to present the reasons why YOU should run things by Legal first.


Come to our booth and dive into marketing world by playing Snake & Ladders game, checking out our sites and having great conversations!

Internal Career Fair

Come & visit our Internal Career Fair where you will have possibility to consult with HR team about opportunities to grow & advance your career in Adform, also find out more about these open positions, that are waiting for Adformers who are hungry for new challenges:

  • 13:30 - 14:00 RFP Pod Owner – meetings with hiring manager Oliver Schlüter
  • 14:00 - 14:30 Certifications Program Training Manager – meetings with hiring manager Martin Larsen
  • 14:30 - 15:00 DMP support specialist - meetings with guys in the role Vytautas Burokas & Tomas Riauka
  • 15:00 - 15:30 Publisher support specialist - meetings with girls in the role Gintarė Šarmavičiūtė & Elžbieta Kašinskaja
Come by & find out more about these internal career opportunities – maybe it will be that exciting next step in your journey with Adform?

IT Department

Our Department consists of these Units:

  • IT Solutions
  • DevOps
  • Databases
  • Security
  • IT Office
  • Business Support Systems


Buyer Workflow POD

Let’s meet to talk and discuss about DSP features for upcoming 6 months.

ADP API Development program

Talk to an ADP team which is fully focused on making Adform API product as much mature as possible:

  • learn about current possibilities of our public API
  • find out about our plans for upcoming future
  • have a chance to provide feedback and ask questions
  • learn how to build correct Adformish API

Audience Base (DMP) team

DMP, where we are and where are we going to? How to use data more efficiently, derive audience insights and get higher returns from media campaigns?

Brand Solutions Creative Production

Brand Solutions Production Team embodies the Brand vision by transforming creative ideas into technologically advanced and impactful web-ad solutions. Using a mixture of HTML5, JavaScript and other ingredients to bring unicorns and fairies to life. Come and play with us!

Creative Unit

Interactive exhibition of Adform products. Come and create your own product!

Data Platform Unit

Do you have questions on how to build your Custom Reports? Do you want to understand Customer Journey better? Or, perhaps, you'd like to understand what a platform is, enjoy a cone of ice-cream, and play some games? Don’t hesitate, come to Data Platform Unit Booth.

Data Processing Platform POD

Presentation about whole Unit services. More developers oriented, this time.

Mobile Unit

Feeling curious about mobile related questions and new trends? Find us!

Seller Unit

Congratulations! This is not a joke! You are the winner! Please, come to our booth and claim your prize before time runs out! Our great consultants will tell you how One banner a day keeps doctor away. Make them jealous - enlarge your knowledge.

UX Lab

Come to UX booth and win millions of money! Fitness industry is going crazy, they found a way to get six pack in minutes!

3rd party tracking integrations

Don't miss the Integrations booth, as here you will not only get a once in a lifetime chance to leave your positive or negative (hopefully only positive) feedback about Adform's current integrations, but also propose the future integrations that you always dreamt to have, but no one ever listened to you. It's the time you will be heard! And as a prize you will get a jello shot and a chance to try the HTC Vive - everything that you always wanted in one place! Come here now!


Agile Coaching CoP

We'll be spreading Agile all over the place, come and see!


Find out what the role of architect is and how it can help you in software engineering and solution delivery.


It's all about fun and competing! Come, be the first and win super prize in challenges requiring creativity, logic, speed and project management skills! For those who accept one of the challenges - sweet award is promised!

Project Management CoP

Your idea, our help, contribution of others – elements that make non-business projects happen. Come and see how initial ideas were developed into amazing products!

Quality Office

See the funniest bugs or game your testing mindset and skills. Learn about Quality plans or tell us what you think: what is quality? Does Adform need testers? Why chicken has crossed the street?

Technology Expansion

Presenting past and upcoming projects and events.